Freedom House Issues Report on Press Freedom

Last week, Freedom House, the independent watchdog organization supporting and assessing freedom around the world, issued it’s annual “Freedom of the Press 2010” report. It found that globally, freedom of the press declined in 2009, noting that only one in six people live in countries with a free press.

The report notes several key reasons for this decline:

  • Most governments appear unwilling to reform laws used to punish journalists.
  • In countries experiencing political upheaval, journalists have become targets.
  • Continuing impunity for attacks on journalists is encouraging new attacks.
  • The Internet is facilitating means for governments to identify and control citizen communication.

The report goes on to identify the 10 worst countries for press freedom and the names should be no surprise to readers: Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

This report can be found at the Freedom House website.

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John Richardson is the CEO of JMR Portfolio Intelligence, a Washington DC based human rights consultancy.
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