What the hell World?

stop trump

I was walking my dog this morning and as I passed groups of people, the conversation was the same, disbelief and horror that Donald Trump was elected. Another dog walker who I have spoken with in the past, immediately started in about the political disaster. How could this happen, the political institutions have failed us and so on.  This person also thought that protesting is meaningless and that the game is over but continued to express her shock that political leaders of all stripes have failed us. Herein lies the problem: we wring our hands in shock but do nothing more.

Now is the time to act.

Do what you feel comfortable doing. If you want to demonstrate, DEMONSTRATE. If you want to put your views to paper, then WRITE. If you want to take part in your community to make things better, then ORGANIZE and if your faith has been shaken by the events of November 8th, the PRAY.

Whatever you want to do to express yourself, you cannot do it sitting in your recliner and watching the news. DO IT NOW.

About John Richardson

John Richardson is the CEO of JMR Portfolio Intelligence, a Washington DC based human rights consultancy.
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