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3 Ways to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

A diversified investment portfolio is a must for any serious investor looking to boost returns over the long term. Diversification and rebalancing are core features in a robust investment profile built for great returns and excellent stability. With a diversified...


What Are Inclusive Institutions and Why Do They Help the Economy?

In our economy, inclusive institutions are those that make the world go around. Without inclusivity, the bulk of our population is left out of the opportunity to pursue economic prosperity. Non-inclusive institutions are those that limit the opportunities of those...


Tax Advice for Freelancers

  There's no doubt that taxes can get a lot more complicated for freelancers. Freelancing has many benefits. Often, you get to work on your own schedule, creating a work-life balance that most regular employees would kill for. You also...


How to start a business in Africa?

Decision-making based on rash actions or management errors can be fatal for those who want to undertake in Africa. These are the sources of problems for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the black continent. In this article, we offer...


How Does Loanpal Work? Your Complete Guide

Going solar seems like a win-win situation, but it's not always that simple.  A lot of times, a new roof is necessary. Sometimes, the home's electrical panel needs upgrading. These things can add anywhere from $2000-$10,000 onto the price tag...


The Average Cost of Solar Panels: A Helpful Guide

It won't be too long before every rooftop in America has solar panels producing clean energy, decreasing emissions, and saving people money.  Over the last decade, the cost of solar installation has decreased significantly—more than 70%. With the average cost...

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