5 Must-Have Add On Covers For Your Car Insurance

Getting involved in any unforeseen accident means facing a financial crunch. The third party car insurance typically does not have enough coverage, as it is a basic insurance policy. Even a comprehensive car insurance plan misses a few liabilities.

Add-ons are those covers you buy for better financial protection against car loss or accidental damage. Before buying the add-ons, you need to identify your requirements and choose appropriate covers while buying a car insurance policy. For additional car insurance add-ons, you have to pay an extra premium but if they extend your coverage and address some common problems that you might face on a regular basis, they are worthyaddition. Compare car insurance online and check the add-ons provided by various insurance companies.

Following are the necessary add-ons, which an individual can opt for increasing the protection.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Normally, the car insurance company will not reimburse the entire cost spent in repairing your car damage due to depreciation in rates over time. A zero depreciation cover ensures you to receive full amount on the value of parts that are damaged due to an accident.

Consumables Cover

Currently, many insurance providers have started to offer consumables in addition to zero depreciation cover. These items include engine oil, gearbox oil, coolant, brake oil and others, which can be found in the policy wordings of your plan.

Personal Baggage Cover

We all prefer to keep our belongings in our car so they are always a moment away. Portability is certainly a great benefit of owning a vehicle. Your car might be a safe space to keep your personal effects but there are instances where they might incur damages due to unexpected events. The personal baggage add-on has you covered in times of any such damage or loss of personal items kept in your car.

Engine Protection Cover

Neither a third party car insurance online nor a comprehensive policy pays for the repair cost of engine damage. If your car engine gets damaged then your insurance company pays for the repair cost. Thus, this cover keeps you insured and you don’t have to bear the cost.

An engine protection cover ensures that an individual is not affected by the expensive engine maintenance jobs due to damage in its electronic circuits or other similar issues. It is also very useful during the rainy season.

Key Replacement

Replacing the key of the car with the new one is a major task as it comes inbuilt with batteries and other advanced features. However, with key replacement cover, you can make a claim regarding such loss. This add-on covers the cost of replacing the car keys. If you wish to change the lock, this add-on pays for that as well.

While add-ons are a welcome addition to your base coverage. It is important to evaluate their benefits and requirement before you add them to your policy. Utilize a car insurance calculator to evaluate your premium rates to meet your budget with appropriate coverage.