5 of the Best Business Checking Accounts for Small Businesses

Did you know that the number of small businesses in the U.S. is over 30-million?

As a small business owner, you know that running your own company can be hectic. You have to keep track of expenses, manage employees and find new clients. It’s no wonder some people feel like they’re working 24/7!

And one thing that might seem like an afterthought is the checking account for your business – but it shouldn’t be. A good business checking account can help you save time and money so that you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

It’s a professional practice to have a proper checking account for your business. Here are 5 of the best business checking accounts for small businesses.

Capital One Checking

Capital One offers amazing benefits with their online business checking account with features designed for small businesses. It’s best for those interested in unlimited everyday transactions. You can easily track your accounts, transfer money, and pay bills. They offer free overdraft protection when you link to a small business deposit account, making it easy to sign up and apply.

Bluevine Checking

Bluevine is an online-only banking option. There are many cards out there that offer no monthly fees, and fee-free transactions. Check out this site for more information on additional benefits, such as earning a higher interest rate. Bluevine’s checking account offers a higher annual percentage yield than a lot of other online options. It’s a great option for integrating different types of accounting software and eCommerce solutions.

Chase Checking

Chase checking offers simple to use features specific to small business owners. You have access to unlimited electronic deposits, access to various ATMs, and an opportunity to earn a sign-up bonus. There’s no minimum deposit fee, and you have access to online bill pay with credit card processing through mobile banking.

US Bank Platinum Checking

US Bank checking is an easy-to-use platform helping you get the most out of your money. They offer free business checking with no fee overdraft protection, no ATM fees, and mobile deposit with bill pay. You also have access to their additional features like sending and receiving money through Zelle and digital and invoice payment systems.

Novo Business Checking

Novo offers a free business checking account option with no minimum balance required. It’s an excellent option for small businesses that identify as contractors or sole proprietors. You do have the option to bank through their mobile app and obtain unlimited ATM reimbursement fees when withdrawing funds from outside their network. It seamlessly integrates tech so you can bank all in one convenient place.

Consider Your Options

Running your own business is a rewarding and stressful endeavor. That’s why having the right account for your small business is so important. Managing your finances, establishing credit lines, and keeping track of income and expenses are just a few reasons why to open a checking account in Denver co. is crucial to help your business run smoothly and protect your sanity.

You shouldn’t have to worry about anything else other than growing your amazing small business! Did you enjoy reading this article? If so, please check out our website!