Saturday, 4 Jul 2020

Author: Sheri gill

Economic Impact on COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe at a scale and rate that we have actually only seen up until now in cinemas. Fact, as we are seeing it today, is way much more frightening than fiction. The Coronavirus is going to be unimaginably high. Worse, it’s most likely to wind up having a long […]

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How to Hire a Good International Accountant in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the European countries with the lowest taxes. It is also one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. The country’s government decided to improve the business environment mostly after the 2012 financial crisis. Today, the country has become the preferred foreign destination for companies that are targeting customers in the […]

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Learn More About Fake Money:

Whenever we hear about fake money there is a question arises ‘What actually is Fake Money?’ So, Fake money is of two types. The first one is money which is used for purpose of fun. It is similar to real money but with many differences. Anyone can easily catch the difference between real and fake […]

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Explaining Bottom-Up Approach to Investing 

Bottom-up investing refers to an approach that concentrates on the analysis of an individual stocks and doesn’t emphasize the importance of macroeconomic cycles and market phases. With this kind of investing, you focus on a specific company and its fundamentals instead of on the industry in which the company operates or on the broader economy. […]

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