DBS Bank and What You Need to Know about It

DBS bank Singapore is considered a leading financial group in Asia and operates in 17 countries. The bank’s regional network has more than 250 branches and more than 1,000 ATMs in 50 cities. At the same time for several years Global Finance magazine named DBS bank as the most reliable It serves more than 4 million customers and employs 19 thousand people from more than 30 nationalities.

What does the bank provide?

DBS bank provides a full range of banking services to private clients, as well as large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses. The bank strongly cares about the security of online banking. Therefore, a special password generator was introduced and later upgraded. It also introduced a mobile banking service with a special application to be installed on mobile devices. And in the case of unauthorized transactions, the bank even guaranteed refunds! The bank provides account opening services in Singapore with DBS bank only for legal entities.One of the important pros of DBS bank is that there is no requirement to maintain a minimum account balance.

Pros and cons of DBS bank

Pros include the fact that it is an excellent bank for operational work, no minimum account balance requirements, good account management system via the Internet, performs fast payment orders, guaranteed strong capital protection by the legislation of Singapore, low cost of transfers

Cons- personal presence is required to open an account and time zone difference.
Requirements for opening an account for a legal entity. You need a full set of documents for the company, passport, utility bill in English. You also need to provide your mailing address, to which the device for internet banking will be sent.

There is no minimum balance requirement on the account. Here some brief  information. To learn more go to