Enjoy The Amazing Offers Of SBI Bank In Gurgaon Branch And Save Your Handsome Money!

SBI is one of India’s largest government banks has been decided to provide an amazing festive offer to its potential customers. You people can able to buy the car and home at a reduced price than ever before. Most of the customers have been hesitated to borrow the loan from the banks because of its highest interest rate and some other extra charges.

For overcoming such kind of issue, SBI can establish this offer to enhance the benefits provided for the customers. According to the statement provided by the SBI, the bank in Gurgaon has been ready to give loans for its customers in several categories with cheaper interest rates and many benefits. Let see some more details about the offers of SBI bank.

Avail The Home Loans At Cheaper Interest Rate 

If you people have a plan to purchase the house, then this is an amazing gift for you. As a Diwali bonus, SBI bank has announced to reduce the 0.20 percent of an interest rate for home loans. From now itself, the interest rate of home loans will be changed to 8.05 percent. Apart from that, MCLR has also been reduced up to 15 points that will reflect in the interest rate of home loans by minimizing the basis points up to 35.

Get A Car At Reduced Interest Rate 

At the time of Diwali, SBI bank in Gurgaon branch has planned to cancel the processing fees of the car loan for saving your considerable amount of money. The customers have to repay the loan amount with an 8.70 percent interest rate for buying the car. The personal loan in Gurgaon can be highly preferred by most of the customers because of its reduced interest rate. In case, if the customers have applied for a loan via the bank’s digital platform then they have a chance to avail the 25 basis point discount at their interest rate.

Buy The Personal Loan With Discounted Interest Rate 

As a Diwali gift, SBI has decided to offer personal loans up to 20 lakhs for its potential customers. Such kinds of loans have been issued with an interest rate of 10.75 percent. Besides this, the customers have to repay the loan amount within 6 years and it will minimize the EMI burden of the people. The customers whose salary account is linked with the bank can able to get the loan amount up to Rs. 5 lakhs. The people in Gurgaon can able to apply for this loan amount through an online platform within a few clicks.

Get The Education Loan At Cheaper Rate 

Attractive offers have been provided by the SBI bank for taking the loan amount for studies. The customers can able to get the loan amount of Rs.1.50 crore to continue your studies in or outside the country with the interest rate of 8.25 percent. You people have a time limit of 15 years to repay this loan amount.

Look at the good news offered by the SBI bank for availing the loans at the cheaper interest rate. This is one of the efficient ways for saving your valuable money while buying loans from the banks in Gurgaon.