Forex Trading Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner and you’ve just dipped into the forex market, it’s possible you’re having some difficulties finding your way around the forex market. This year has been rough. If you need some help, follow these forex trading tips we prepared.

Be Smart in Choosing a Broker

When you trade in the forex market, the quality of your broker will be a crucial factor for your success.

The broker should be trustworthy. And the fastest way to know is by checking whether it’s regulated.

Another way to do this is by checking broker reviews and recommendations from people who have dealt with the broker. The broker’s services and quality should also sit well with your trading personality.

Come Up with Your Own Strategy

Never think that you can succeed in forex trading just by going with the flow. Shooting from the hip may mean you shoot yourself in the foot.

Creating your own trading strategy may require time and effort. However, if you do it well, you’ll see that it’s worth it.

It’s also okay to learn from other traders’ strategy and maybe even mimic some things that work for you. However, what’s better is having your very own strategy that’s tailor-fit to your overall personality and lifestyle.

Never Let Emotions Get the Better of You

Emotions are one of your primary enemies when you start forex trading. Not only do they confuse you; they also usually get in the way of trading success.

When fear and greed take over your trading style, you can expect chaotic results. So, try as much as you can to stay rational and focus on achieving your goals.

Stick to your plan and improve your discipline. Because whenever you let your emotions control you, you incur unnecessary risks. Your risk management style and effectiveness also suffer.

Continue Learning

Even when you’re already in the game, you will always encounter something unfamiliar. You learn new things every day, as they say.

Start by paying attention to the daily news you see on TV or online. Spot the trends and patterns they usually follow. And take note of the market’s reaction to such events, both past and present.

Analyze Your Positions and Strategy

Forex trading always requires you to analyze the overall market conditions. Sometimes, important things aren’t very obvious at first glance.

So, you have to go deep and critical. See what others fail to see and take advantage of this edge. This also applies to your strategy.

Maybe it already works. Maybe you’re already making money with it. But until when? To what extend can you trust it will work? When’s the best time to change strategies?


What separates a beginner from a pro is their experience. And you can only gain experience—good, useful experience—when you try out new things.

Experiment (although of course you need to ensure you still have protection, hedge, and stop-loss order) with the things you can do with your strategy.

After all, forex trading is a venture for bold individuals. If you can experiment with trading, you’ll explore more things. Then, you’ll experience more than the average next-door trader.