Gold Investments – Is it a Rewarding Experience or a Risky Move?

Buying and selling precious metals like Gold and silver is a great way to invest as the demand for these metals has always been more or less consistent. However, its is also stressful because it involves huge investment. 

Doubts regarding the safety and integrity of your investments, risk with sudden rise and fall of prices, transparency of the business authorities you are dealing with are some of the questions you must have in your mind.   

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Why you must invest your hard-earned money in Gold?

In a world where everything is volatile, gold and platinum investments are your insurance that ensures that you have diversified your savings safely. The principal reasons that you should consider to start investing in gold are:

  • Precious metals are low-risk assets. 
  • They are usually safe and does not suffer much due to devaluation of currency. 
  • These investments help you in diversifying your investment portfolios. 
  • The demand of precious metals does not suffer like investment in property and equity does. 
  • Gold insurance provides good replacement values in worst case scenarios. 

How and where to invest in Gold?

Now that you have made up your mind to invest in Gold, let us list the various safe ways in which you can buy, invest, and sell gold: 

  1. Physical Gold
  • It is a currency that is consistent and finite all throughout the world.
  • It is the best way to pass on wealth to your next generation. 
  • It is not worth trading physical gold but to be treated as a source of wealth preservation. 
  • Treat gold bullions as your insurance for financial rainy days. 
  1. Bullion bars
  • These are investment-grade coins that are purchased by giving a small premium of the spot price. 
  • Available for investments starting as low as 1/10oz mint size and up to as high as a kilo of gold, they form the perfect legal tenders. 
  • Bullion coins provide the advantage of divisibility. 
  • Some coins like numismatic gold have aesthetic and historical appeals; that means their price will increase at a faster pace. 
  1. Gold certificates
  • Allows to you buy and store gold with government bodies and get insurance on the same. 
  • It is a cost-effective way for long term investment. 
  • You don’t own physical gold but are still the legal owner of it. 
  • Perth Mint programme acts as the custodial guardian of your purchase. 
  1. Allocated gold accounts
  • With this, you will buy gold from bullion brokerage, which will then be transferred to your depository or bank accounts. 
  • You will be entitled to be the owner of individual coins and bars. 
  • You must ensure the security of these investments and ensure the credit rating and safety history of the provider you are purchasing from.

Invest around 5 to 15% of your investments in Gold or Platinum to diversify your savings. Purchase insurance policies to further ensure the safety of your investments. Ease your mind by making sure that all your purchase in precious metals is done through a trustworthy institution that guarantees safety and transparency in all their dealings.