Guide about jungle scout estimator

While the Product Database is a fantastic resource for product research, Jungle Scout also has a few more tools to help you locate and assess product ideas. Opportunity Finder assists you in identifying developing trends and phrases with high demand but low competition, allowing you to identify profitable items quickly. Use the preset categories and filters to help you choose a profitable product to invest in. To know more, you can visit the below link:

What is the purpose of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that allows you to uncover winning goods, forecast sales, analyze keywords and spy on competitors all from one simple dashboard. It shows you which products will be the most profitable and most accessible to expand your business right away. Greg Mercer launched it in 2014, the year that marked the transition from the Amazon research “Dark Ages” to the current “Renaissance.”

Why do you need JungleScout?          

People were selling items in the prehistoric age known as pre-JungleScout, believe it or not. Apart from battling for land and food with enormous reptiles, Amazon geeks like myself had to do all of our research by hand, dig for products, assess competitors, and generate spreadsheet libraries with limited data. Instead of spending hours upon hours doing it yourself and depending on your gut instinct (which I still adore), Jungle Scout does it for you in seconds. Furthermore, product research is the single most critical aspect in achieving success, and competition grows by the day. No matter how bright you are, you will fail if you choose a bad product. These days, the competition is crazy.

Features of Jungle Scout Overview

If running an Amazon FBA store was a sport, it would be a cross between a 400-meter sprint and a complete marathon. Profitability is a long-term game that requires a lot of patience. However, in the short term, speed and power triumph. Jungle Scout is all about saving time in the short term while positioning you for long-term success.

You set the settings, and it returns a list of fascinating niches and keyword suggestions for you to investigate. You may then drill down into the statistics to learn more about the most popular products in each area. That will allow you to understand better how successful a niche is before you invest any time in it. If the Amazon were an absolute jungle with hidden treasures, the Niche Hunter would be like hiring millions of experienced local guides and sending them out to hunt them. For any severe Amazon FBA sellers, the Niche Hunter and Keyword Scout will already make this online software a no-brainer.

What is a product database?

The Product Database at Jungle Scout covers approximately 70 million Amazon products. The preset filters are the best part, as they provide rapid ideas. It’s easy to become paralyzed by analysis paralysis when faced with a 70-million-item product list. You can use the filters to select the most frequent factors (high demand/low competition). Novice Amazon FBA business owners often overlook the product database. Don’t be a part of this group. There’s a wealth of helpful information here, including a profit calculator (with fees), international marketplaces, and product rankings.