Historical and Modern USA Gold Coins For Investment

The United States has been delivering gold coins since the start of its production. Gold coins in America have always been a crucial part of the American economy. 

In the colonial days, the English colonies in America used a variety of currencies. There were different currencies for different regions and economies. However, they dealt with a certain amount of difficulty when it came to foreign trading. After realizing that the coinage requirements in America were being met by the Mint, as per the Coinage Act of 1857 all other forms of currencies were abrogated.

The Eagle

Gold coins were first produced in America under the authorization of the Coinage Act of 1792. It ordered three new coins which included the Eagle for $10, the Half Eagle for $5, and the Quarter Eagle for $2.50.  The half Eagle was the first in line to be produced followed by Eagle and quarter Eagle. These 3 coins continued to be produced till 1933 and every single one of these went through a variety of changes. American Eagle Gold Coins are highly popular with investors worldwide.

$1: 1849

To this date the $1 gold coins remain the smallest gold coins made by the U.S. Initially upon their authorization in 1849, they depicted the Liberty Head. Later in 1854 after the Lady Liberty wore the Indian ornamental headband and the two sorts of Indian Princess Head oversaw the category until its end in 1889

$3: 1853

The $3 coins were authorized in 1853 however, they appeared in the market in 1854. The production for this coin was ceased in 1899 but it stopped being a part of the general circulation before that in 1860.

$4:  1879–1880

This coin was produced particularly to compete with other denominations in the foreign market. This coin instead of an Eagle depicted a star. This coin was also called the $4 gold “Stella” which means “star” in Latin. These coins were later on printed in a generous amount for collectors. In today’s world, these coins are six or seven figures coin.

Not Intended For Circulation (NIFC): 1892

The U.S started issuing NIFC’s as a commemorative series of which gold coins were often apart. These were a huge attraction for collectors. In this series coins like Louisiana Purchase Expo, Lewis, and Clark Centennial, the three-gold piece under the Panama Pacific Exposition, Memorial coin for McKinley, and the Quarter eagle of $2.5 on the 150th anniversary. The Quarter was the last gold coin in this commemorative series until the LA Olympiad commemorative gold series.

American Gold Eagle: 1986

These coins are the official gold bullion coins for the U.S.A. They were minted in weights 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., and 1 oz. Since “Eagle” was a term which was used to refer to coins minted before these they’re often distinguished by their weights, for instance, the 1 oz. gold Eagle. 

$5: 2014

Collectors of the gold coin were quite active this particular year and the $5 gold coin was an immense hit.

There are fine chances of America minting more coins in the future primarily because they remain in a lot of demand by the collectors. 

Current Day Prices

The value of all coins containing precious metals is based primarily upon the gold and silver content in each coin, with added value then applied due to rarity, circulated / production amounts and condition of each coin. Your can find current prices for American Gold Coins at Gold News Australia, which lists the USD value of all popular American gold and silver coins.