How can large businesses use saddle stitch booklets in marketing?

Reaching out and fulfilling the expectations of potential customers is the lifeline of any business. Thus, regardless of the business magnitude, entrepreneurs regularly try to identify newer and better ideas for engaging their customers. Undoubtedly, we are living in a digital era, but that does not overshadow the glory of printed booklets when businesses opt for various marketing strategies.

Larger businesses often need to survive amidst cut-throat completion. In this aspect, the significance of physical prints is immense. The majority of individuals still prefer reading a piece of specific information in a book/brochure/booklet than reading it online. Saddle stitch booklets, in this context, have become an exceptional choice for publishing such physical prints, and they work wonders for business marketing. Let us take a deeper probe.

Saddle stitched booklet- The new-age printed medium

Large businesses stand to benefit immeasurably by using the saddle stitched booklets. For the unversed, the above is not the conventional stitched booklet. Saddle stitched booklets does not use threads and glue for bookbinding, it uses a set of staple wires. The idea is to bind several pieces of folded papers together at the seam. The cost-effectiveness and simplicity of saddle stitched booklets makes it even more popular.

Large businesses can pack in a wealth of information in these booklets. Therefore, specific businesses like tourism can supply all the necessary information for their customers. Since the interested audience finds all the relevant information in one place, they find it very useful. Moreover, with the printed booklet in their hands, an individual can conveniently go through the pages whenever necessary. It is much advantageous than checking out websites randomly for the same information.

Preparing a saddle stitched booklet is super-easy. There isn’t any need for businesses in investing in expensive binding machines. Furthermore, there isn’t any need for stitching too. A large stapler, paper, and a printer are all that is required for making a saddle stitched booklet. Order US Press’s Saddle Stitch Booklets, and see how it can make a difference to your business.

Multiple uses of saddle stitched booklets

For a content publication that requires eight to sixty-eight pages, saddle stitching can be an efficient solution. It not only prints booklets, but also brochures, reports, and magazines. The USP of the saddle stitched booklets, they look professional. Large businesses, in particular, cannot find a better medium for promoting their upcoming ventures. With the aid of a good-quality printer, you can expect razor-sharp images with true colors.

Without the slightest of doubts, large businesses won’t find a better way of sending out the right message to their customers. The best part, the business persons can make use of all the conventional paper sizes for creating a saddle stitched booklet. With the recent addition of A6 size, presently, you can print in five sizes.

Cost-efficient and time-saving

Saddle stitching works faster than the other known forms of binding. Therefore, large business houses can get print more books in an hour. Saddle stitching doesn’t require any extra time for adhesive curing. Since it is cost-efficient, large businesses can use the method for high-volume, low-count applications.

Points to consider before marketing with saddle stitch booklets

Understandably, an individual will rigorously handle the booklet. For instance, the person will open it frequently, fold it carelessly, pass it on to other people, and so on. The above actions can take a toll on the life of the booklet. By taking into account some steps, business houses can ensure, the saddle stitched booklet will sustain the test of time.

Choose the right quality paper

Depending on the requirements, businesses must have an extensive range of paper qualities. The paper may vary in design, weight, and finishes. It is feasible printing the booklet with thicker paper so that it can resist normal wear and tear. Presently, the available choices are abundant. Large businesses can make use of silk, premium uncoated papers, gloss, and premium variants for the said purpose.

Gloss paper will enhance the colors of the content, and images will appear brighter. Similarly, silk paper comes with a softer sheen that ensures clearer and divergent color reproduction. The weight of these papers can vary from 150 grams to 350 grams. After assessing the type of content, and the number of pages necessary, large businesses can opt for the paper quality that suits best for the occasion.

Using thicker paper for the cover page

If you are using saddle stitched booklets for the first time, here is an important tip. The norm is, using 150 grams of paper for the inner pages and 300 grams for the cover page. By utilizing heavier paper, the saddle stitched booklet will become more robust.

The Bottom Line

Marketing strategies should and will change in the coming days. Even though the internet is the one-stop solution for most of us, the older concepts are not going anywhere. Any business, thinking the days of physical prints are obsolete is living in a world of Utopia.

The significance of booklets in the era of the World Wide Web remains relevant at present and even in the days to come. That does not imply the section of people who have been indifferent to the technological developments. To put it in simple words, a physical copy that contains interesting information will always remain favorable. The saddle stitched booklet makes it all the more alluring and attractive to catch the eye of the audience.