How to become a home trader? 7 tips for an individual

The individual trader buys and sells securities on the stock exchange from his home and earns his living making profits on capital gains.

He seeks to make profits by taking advantage of the incessant fluctuations in the stock markets.

This is the dream of many people, but it is also a risky profession which requires a lot of specific skills and knowledge. In this article, follow the tips for becoming a home trader.

1. Perform a self-assessment of your skills

To become a successful own account trader, you need to acquire a combination of knowledge and skills.

Trading isn’t always as easy as everyone suggests. It takes a lot of work to trade the financial markets. Indeed, the trader has his work cut out for him and must be aware of it.

He must be prepared to devote all his energy and time to be successful on the stock market. Trading in the financial markets requires:

  • a lot of working hours,
  • the ability to take risks,
  • excessive rigor, flawless
  • and an aptitude for self-education.

Above all, you need to be in an optimal state of mind to succeed in this challenge. If you’re not afraid of giving your time or taking risks, you can do it.

2. First practice with a demo account in fictitious markets

To learn how to trade online and develop skills without taking risks, nothing better than to start in the fictitious markets. That is, you invest virtual money and then take the courses to estimate what you would have gained or lost.

This is the best way to learn and adjust your investment strategy without losing money and without stress. You will also know if this job is for you or not …

3. Only invest money that you can afford to lose

Trying to become a proprietary trader overnight and stake all your savings without a “safety net” is a very bad idea.

First of all, the money you turn into stocks is blocked and you don’t know when you can get it back. It would be a shame to be forced to sell at the lowest price because you absolutely have to pay your rent …


On the other hand, you can also lose everything if things go wrong … So it is better to only bet non-essential money and keep some savings aside in case of a hard blow. And if you don’t have enough left, that means it’s time to find another job with a more stable salary!

4. Hold sufficient funds and reserves to trade in own account

Usually, when you are a financial market trader, you cannot make a profit all the time. There will be times when you will have losses. It’s an integral part of the rules of the trading game.

The particular trader should think about managing all these risks of the trade. To do this, he must have a sufficient reserve of funds that will allow him to cope with problems.

You will have enough reserves to live comfortably. These will help you while you wait for you to regain success on the stock market. If you have none of these things, it might be best not to quit your job today.

All you need to do is trade on your own during your off-peak hours.

5. Learn to trade from home

Becoming a home trader requires a solid foundation of knowledge about how the financial markets work.

You need to know the simple details like the fundamentals of the markets to trade and when to trade on the stock exchange. You also need to take into account margin requirements and trading strategies.

Make sure you are familiar with the effects of current events on the financial markets. You must have a huge range of knowledge.

Trading online to be a home trader is therefore not possible without having training in this area. Finding this one is not complicated. All you need to do is go to your stock plus500 broker who will be able to guide you.

6. Choose your broker carefully

The broker is the trading partner of the online trader. He follows him in all the learning and life of a trader.

You have to choose a broker that is regulated, with competitive costs. You should be able to reach him without difficulty in case of problems.

It should have a range of training materials and decision support if you are a beginner. So how do you become a good home trader? Get started with a demo trading account. Take tests and learn with virtual money. Finally, you can invest your savings in the stock market.

7. Establish a real trading strategy for yourself

A trading strategy is used to anticipate all possible situations and know how to react. Indeed, there is no point in acting in haste. You shouldn’t be making decisions in the heat of the moment. For example, to start a business a businessman must first make a business plan.

If you are a beginner the only goal you should have is not to lose. After you reach it, aim for another that is small. You can think of a bigger one when it is reached. To be successful, you need to be consistent in your earnings.