How to Choose Label Printers

Label printers have lots of uses, and they are used for marking blood or specimens in laboratories, packaging labels, supply chain management, etc. You can print and create labels in many ways, but storing your details on Google docs or spreadsheet greatly simplifies the process. You can even install the Foxy Labels add-on to get the correct functionality to make a print-ready doc.

Before selecting the label printer you want, there are certain questions that you must answer. These questions serve as guidelines, and they help you decide the best printer for your labels. Read on to get adequate information on the printer to buy for your stickers and labels.

Use of label printers

If you have been considering the option of buying a printer, then there is an assumption that you know where to use it. This will aid your decision in determining the critical and significant features that you need to consider whenever you fully decide to get one. If the label printer is meant for industrial use, you will need a printer that can operate for very long hours without breaking down. Such printers must be able to print out the best labels even after working for long hours. But if you do work that requires you to go from one place to another, all you need is a small and portable printer that guarantees your convenience.

Label printer portability

Take, for example, that you work as a doctor. You will need to do some field works, collect some samples. This means that you need a tiny printer. This makes it easier for you to move from one place to the other conveniently with the printer and is still effective enough to complete your work without hassles. A small portable printer is a printer that can be attached to a belt or carried on the shoulder conveniently. You need to consider this option before buying any label printer.


Another essential question to ask yourself before getting a label printer is: what’s the number of labels I’ll be printing in a day? Answering this question will go a long way in helping you purchase the perfect printer for your estimation. You can also consider the environment where you will be using the printer, and you need to get a printer that can work perfectly in the background without any issues.


You need to consider the print resolution, which is measured by Dots Per Print (DPI). A high DPI gives you more resolution. If the printer you are buying is meant to make address labels and other label types that your customers will see, you should buy one that prints top-quality labels.


If the printer is to be used in the industrial line, then losing time will equal losing money. The print speed of label printers differs. It ranges from four inches per second to 14 inches per second, which is an important factor when considering time. Buy a printer with a high-speed rate to ensure that your work runs efficiently and smoothly.

Types of labels

There are mainly two types of labels: the thermal transfer labels and the heat-sensitive direct thermal label. The label span of the Direct Thermal Label is shorter than that of the Thermal Transfer Label, and they don’t operate properly in high-temperature situations. The direct thermal label is cheaper and can’t be used to print scratch-resistant labels. The perfect printer for this label is the thermal transfer printer.