How to deal with employees that waste their time?

Time Management is the most important thing that determines the company’s success. Time is something that needs to be used efficiently and effectively. If the time is not utilized properly, it can cause damages to the company.

Why employees spend ideal time more?

Employees spending their time idling can be due to several reasons. It could be no sense of responsibility. Some do not have any sense of motivation while some aren’t ambitious.


  1. Calls and Chats

Employees spend most of their time chatting or connecting with their relatives or friends and wasting several work hours.

Specific rules and regulations should be set and followed. Several employee monitoring software is also used for checking purposes.

  1. Fewer breaks

Although cooling off between work hours is important but if these breaks lead to being unproductive and making employees lazy and unwilling to do his/her work then it is a point of concern.

Employees should not be allotted more time than they usually get. Employees should be kept under surveillance.

  1. Low concentration

The employees always tend to get distracted by things. It might only consume less time but its accumulation can lead to a huge chunk of unproductive time

Maintain your focus by getting out of the virtual or social media world during work hours. Monitoring if anyone is being unproductive or engaging in ideal chit-chat.

  1. Low amount of administration

Along with hard, you need smart work. The employee should know how to utilize the time allotted and be more productive. Lack of these skills can cause employee morale to take a hit.

The solution to this is gathering knowledge about these skills.

  1. Inadequate Description

 Some inefficient employees waste time on job descriptions

Questions need to be asked if something is unclear. Computer monitoring can also help in analyzing the problem with the particular employee.

  1. Inadequate knowledge about tools

You need to know how to use every piece of equipment and tool effectively.

Consulting your subordinates or fellow employees about the usage. Finding the problem by effective surveillance.

  1. Communication problem

Some employees don’t quite understand what they are told and thus leads them to be unproductive.

Always lean towards getting into the detail of the topic and asking questions if anything about the topic prospect is unclear.


If you want to tackle these problems effectively you should know how to manage time. The employee pc monitoring software also improves performance as they evaluate the employee performance and can pinpoint the employee who is putting in fewer hours or being unproductive. Work examiner has software that can efficiently evaluate performance.