How to Manage Your Money as a Small Business 

Small businesses have a mission to survive in the market. Their initial mission is not to earn profits, but rather to create a customer base and survive in the market amongst large companies. However, this would be tricky to achieve with a limited budget. Invest in the business to the fullest using the available capital and resources.

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Tips on managing your money

The following are some tips for you to spend your limited budget wisely if your company is just starting out.

  • Pay yourself: Instead of putting everything you have in your business, you should compensate yourself for the work and keep the extra capital.
  • Formulate a good billing strategy: You need to manage your cash flow so make sure you have a billing strategy that makes your debtors pay you on time.
  • Spread out your tax payments: If you don’t have enough money to pay your taxes on a quarterly basis, change it to a monthly basis so that you don’t have a shortage of cash flow.
  • Monitor your books: Keep an amount for your one time spending such as any maintenance, repairs or damaged stock.
  • Focus on your returns: You should focus on expenses, but also keep in mind the return on your investments.
  • Plan ahead: You need to plan ahead, even though there are uncertainties lie ahead so that you can at least be prepared for any situation.


You need to make sure that you have enough cash flow to meet your day to expenses. But beyond that, you need to budget money for slow times so that you can survive the competition and other unpredictable circumstances that can arise. Following the points given above, you can easily manage your finances.