NASDAQ SONN Or Sonnet Bio Therapeutics, Inc. Announced Its Financial Results And Pipeline Updates


In NASDAQ: SONN (NASDAQ: SONN), Sonn is the stylized diminutive form of Sonnet Bio Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. The Company seizes the attention of the world in producing inventive targeted and creative biological medication. Recently it announced its economic consequences for the 3 and 6 months finished 31st March 2020 and offered updates concerning the pipeline and the development of in-house products relating to the same. Additionally, with the Company’s activities in progress concerned with immune (resistant) oncology, a novel scheme has been instigated with a view of evaluating the proprietary right to the FHAB Technology designed for the specifically antiviral application.

What the CEO has commented

The Founder, who is the CEO of the organization as well, has commented that the Company is excited to accomplish the merger deal and is looking forward to the advancement and uphold its value and eminence with its activities as an open concern. The CEO further added that the Company will persist to progress in the conception (idea) of immune (protected) oncology pipeline beside its recently announced proposal for exploring applications concerning virology. The Sonnet boasts with a gifted platform of technology which is competent and resourceful of assisting patients plus its fresh shareholders.

Primary Quarter plus Fresh Corporate Address

Sonnet is shining with a feeling of contentment in providing the subsequent updates concerning its pipeline benefits.

IL-2 deserves specific mention being a renowned immune stimulator in which sonnet places its belief and trust thereby carrying its potential therapeutic value associated with IO or immune-oncology and other signs that include virology. The NASDAQ: SONN at HAB was planned and designed to deliver low dosages of the conjugated medicinal drug to applicants to aim tissues like Lymphatic system or solid tumors intended for virology or oncology (indications) respectively.

The co-founder as well as the chief officer in the field of science added that enhancing inborn immunity means opening a doorway in cancer treatment in addition to viral infections. The Company’s most superior compound (FHAB-derived) is SON-1010 that has evolved as an instinctive immunity booster, shows outstanding tumor volume diminution concerning preclinical models. Again, researches and investigations have been done ob SON-1010 which shows to be above 30-fold further effective in comparison to wild type IL-2, consequently indicating the therapeutic power of cytokine delivery (FHAB based).

Sonnet has served important means in filing updated academic property including provisions for 3 respective zones concerning the development of drugs designed for antiviral purposes.

  • Being an adjuvant it can improve the power effect of vaccine efficacy
  • Being a broad range antiviral it could be organized against a plentiful group of viruses
  • Being a platform concerning the configuration of bispecific and multi-functional vaccines encompassing the construct (FHAB )whose temporary union with a vaccine compound (peptide) is an observable one.


Sonnet has started working on preliminary studies on the viral challenge in mice utilizing an H1N1 replica with the expectation of data in the 2nd half of the year 2020. You can get more stock news after hours market. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.