Finance plans for an IPO in 2025

PayWush dreams it big

The authorities at dream it big for their company. The fuel to the expectations increased when the organization has been able to fetch for itself an investment of ten million dollars from the United States of America. There are obvious reasons to hike up the expectations for the company.

The plan for an IPO

What is the trait of a financially sound company? The answer is not very simple. Well! The fact is that when the market and the stakeholders have full faith in your capacities and are ready to invest in you, you become financially sound and stable. With this view, aims to enter the stock market and launch an IPO by 2025. The way it is growing and gathering the faith of the investors and the customers, it is more than possible. The step will help to raise funds from public money and invest in further research and development and strengthen its base world-wide. Already it is spreading in South –East Asia and doing good business on the Indian subcontinent.

The huge growth of

Within a span of three years the company has been able to get over five million customers for its online money exchange platform. Among these people, almost seventy percent transact regularly. Considering the plethora of choices of the money exchange platforms and apps now available in the market, the statistics are quite appealing and the retention of customers is quite on the high. The company has grown over forty to fifty percent on a month to month basis since its launch. Last year it had a growth of eighty-five percent. More than a thousand business accounts add to its steady cash flow round the year.

The features of PayWush

The online money exchange platform, is very simple to use. One has to just navigate to the website on the computer or mobile and fill-up the form by clicking on the get started button. There are some basic questions that are asked for the KYC part and once done instructs one to link a bank account or a debit card. The process is fast and speedy and takes just five minutes for completion. Once this is over, the account is ready to get and give money from any corner of the world. Send money with PayWush and know.

Security and privacy guaranteed on transactions

PayWush cares for your privacy and will never ask you the mobile number. There is no chance of your being disturbed with unwanted tele-calling by sharing the mobile number with Just the email id is enough to open an account and make transactions online. The accounts are highly secure as there is the end to end encryption for the accounts being opened on Also, each and ever transactuib is encrypted and secured. No doubt PayWush is becoming a leading organization in the field of online money transfers. It acts from all parts of the globe and caters to every type of customer.