Ringless Voicemail is Effective for Marketing Your Business

Within businesses of any size, lead generation is commonly a task which requires both creativity and tenacity for any kind of measurable result. The process of generating qualified and relevant prospects typically has limited instructions, and this can translate into confusing methodologies with no guarantee of success. Although there are numerous avenues that a business can use to generate quality prospects, one solution geared towards modern technologies is the utilization of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is an adaptive concept that broadly covers many forms of communication methods with the goal of delivering a specified message to a recipient via their mobile device. Commonly, businesses use text message, or SMS, marketing to achieve this goal, but ringless voicemail for real eastate is a relatively new technology which is quickly gaining traction within the mobile marketing sphere. Ringless voicemail is a technology that can deliver a voicemail message to a target cell phone without dialing or making a call. The target cell phone will show a new voicemail message but no missed call will be displayed.

Ringless voicemail can be more effective than text message marketing due to several conditions. First, over 90% of people will listen to their voicemail messages, even if they are not familiar with the sender, and this phenomenon can result in a much higher conversion rate simply due to an increase in product awareness. Second, ringless voicemail marketing is typically less expensive compared to sending text messages, and this effect is more pronounced when bulk pricing is factored in. These conditions appear to give ringless voicemail the upper hand compared to SMS marketing, but individual requirements should absolutely be considered when choosing a marketing platform.

There is no best marketing platform or channel, and individual campaign requirements should always be factored into the selection process. When specific needs are considered, some businesses can benefit from ringless voicemail, while others might be better off with text message marketing, and many will be most successful with a combination of both methods. For example, ringless voicemail for real estate marketing fills a specific need that SMS alternatives can not deliver. When a message is better suited to be heard rather than read, such as is the case in certain outreach efforts, ringless voicemail will be the superior choice. On the other hand, some messages will be more successful when read, rather than listened to, so text message marketing will outperform ringless voicemail in these situations. Furthermore, some campaigns have multiple messages that are best delivered through a combination of both SMS and ringless voicemail channels.

Conclusively, the choice between SMS and ringless voicemail might not be a black and white choice. Individual requirements and specific needs of a marketing campaign can heavily influence the decision. No two marketing campaigns are exactly alike, and what works for one might have the opposite effect for others. Certainly, a successful campaign can be used as a general framework for future marketing efforts, but the template will be enhanced through a process of fine tuning based on specific requirements.