Singapore Best Fibre Broadband Plans & Deals

Most individuals have heard that the fibre broadband internet connection has better speed. But many still have questions, asking whether it is faster and more reliable. They want to know what perks users can enjoy after installing this broadband connection. What differences can one experience between cable and fibre optic internet speed? Which fibre broadband is best SingaporeIs it worth opting for this fibre broadband connection? Well, this article lets people learn about the different perks to enjoy and opt for the best deal.

  • Reliability 

Did it happen with you or your children that you were watching The Incredibles and the screen froze? You might not realise that it is not because of the movie but due to the slow internet connection. So, installing a proper internet connection is essential if you wish to watch a movie without interruption. Fibre optics can handle peak traffic overloads or more users. That’s why users get more data at a higher speed consistently.

  • Speed

The speed of the fibre is the most important parameter, and it offers 1 GBPS. This speed value is ten to twenty times more than 50 to 100 MBPS cable. While comparing cable internet and fibre optic broadband connection, it has been found that fibre optic has more advantages. The time to download an HD is two hours and takes a few seconds by fibre optic, whereas cable internet takes seven minutes.

  • Don’t Need Energized Lines

There is no need for energised lines while using fibre optic cable. As a result, it is not prone to outrages compared to cable internet. Until the fibre optic is intact, it can deliver bytes and bits even if the lights are out. Do I need a personal loan in Singapore? If yes, it would be easier to find all the information online provided the internet connection is up to the mark.

  • No Throttling

Has it ever happened that the power goes out when you need the most? For instance, on a hot summer Sunday, when you plan to sleep for some more time, the air conditioner stops working because of an overload of power lines. Similarly, the same thing happens with the cable internet setup. To prevent outrages, the service providers use throttling. That’s why the internet speed can get reduced to 20 from 100 MBPS during peak hours. But with fibre optic internet speed, you won’t face any throttling issues as it is less susceptible to overloading. Therefore, people can use the best REITs to invest in Singapore online.

  • Maintains The Same Speed For Uploading And Downloading Files 

What is the point if you spend three hours uploading a movie? Many of them complain about the same thing as they have cable internet. It has different speeds for downloading and uploading. Downloading is comparatively a bit faster, whereas uploading takes some time. Many people do a lot of downloading but might not encounter this issue. But people who wish to upload any content will face this problem. In this instance, if they opt for an optic fibre service provider, they can enjoy the same bandwidth for downloads and uploads. Also, there is nothing to think about regarding the overloading of the system. Fibre optic internet service providers offer equal shrift on downloads and uploads. Therefore, it becomes easier to share files through this service provider.

  • Watch Higher Quality Videos 

Are you thinking of getting a 4K television? In the past years, the sales of ultra-high definition 4K have gone up as they have four times more pixels. This feature makes the picture crisper but consumes a good amount of bandwidth. If the internet connection is not up to the mark, you might not be able to watch videos or other content properly. That’s why you should have a fibre optic connection that lets you stream high-quality movies and a 4K TV.

  • Better Gameplay 

Do you spend a good amount of time playing League of Legends or Fortnite? If so, having a fibre optic internet connection is a good option to maintain speed and bandwidth. With that, you can maintain consistency while playing and avoid getting interrupted. You can have a constant and smooth data flow with the best connection.

  • Connecting With Several Devices 

Those times were not there when people used to have a single desktop at home. Now everyone has a laptop and smartphone. They also use thermostats, smart locks, other IoT devices, etc. The evolution of the internet has helped everyone to operate many devices virtually. Considering all these aspects, assessing all these things becomes difficult if the internet connection is not good. People can enjoy connecting with several devices with an optic fibre internet connection.

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, users can check out the best fibre broadband plans and deals available in Singapore and get one. Before signing up for a scheme, they should check the service provider’s features.