The Best Time of Year to Sell a House: An Extensive Guide


Your boss is sending you to a sister company. The pay is a lot better, but it involves packing up your things and moving. You’ll be starting in a few months, so you’re on a time crunch to sell your old home. 

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If you can push back your selling, you’ll be able to get rid of your home a lot faster if you post it during the best time of year to sell a house. What’s the best month to put your place on the market? 

We’ve got all the answers you need right here. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Best Month to Sell a House

In the past, the best month to make real estate investments was in May. This is when children are getting out of school, and the weather is the nicest. Parents are more able and willing to come view houses. 

Now the best months span between March and April. During this time, children are going on spring break, the weather is nice, and people are receiving their tax returns. This means they have more time and money to drop on a house. 


House selling tips will tell you that the seasons will affect how fast you’re able to get through the home selling process. The absolute best season to put your place on the market is spring. 


The main benefit of selling a home during the spring season is tax returns. Everyone’s getting their checks, which gives them more padding that they can add to their housing budget. 

The weather is warm and sunny, so people are more willing to schedule house viewings. All the plants in your yard will be in full bloom, giving you the curb appeal boost you need to attract buyers. 

School will be letting out for summer soon, so parents can get through the home buying process and move without disrupting their children’s education. 


The main drawback of selling during the spring is the competition. Everyone will be selling around this time. Unless your home has features that make it stand out, you may find it difficult to sell. 

Some areas see less sunshine in the spring and more rain. If this is the case for you, there won’t be many people willing to get out during a downpour to look at your house. 

If you have children and your house sells, you’ll have no choice but to pull them out of school to move. The buyer most likely isn’t going to wait until they finish out the school year to settle in.

Spring is the season for graduation parties. If you plan during the wrong day or month, your house viewers may have problems finding a parking spot on your street. 


If you don’t exactly make the spring slot or you want to avoid the competition, the second-best time to sell a house is in the summer. You’ll have a lot more time and daylight to work with. 


With the summer comes some of the longest days of the year. You’ll have more sunlight hours to work with, which means you can fit more showings into a single day. 

While the weather is hot, it’s a little more stable during this time of year. More people will come out for showings. Buyers will also be in a hurry to close a deal. 

They want to get the buying process over with, so they can get their children settled before the new school year begins. Since there’s more urgency, you may be able to negotiate a higher price. 


During the summer, you’ll still have quite a bit of competition to worry about. Since the weather is hot, buyers are going to expect you to supply cool drinks during your showings. 

Most people are on vacation during the summer. They’re not going to have the extra funds to drop on a house, neither are they looking for one. 


Fall is an okay time of year to sell a house, but it’s not the best. Depending on where you live, Buyers aren’t going to want to wrestle with the August heat to view a house. You won’t have to deal with as much competition, though. 


There are not as many people buying houses in the fall. This means there aren’t as many people selling either, so you won’t have to deal with a lot of competition. 

It’s the off-season for many contractors, so you’ll be able to get some good deals to fix up your house before you stage it. The fall colors will bring a special touch to your yard that will attract buyers. 


Since there isn’t as much competition, buyers are going to get more demanding. Fall colors are beautiful in any yard, but you’ll have to maintain your landscaping. Getting rid of dead leaves is a must. 

Parents aren’t going to want to pull their children out of school to move right when the year begins. 


The absolute worst time of year to sell is the winter. While you’ll still attract some buyers, you won’t get near as many hits. 


You might be able to attract buyers that are in a hurry to close in on a house before the year ends. They want to take advantage of those sweet tax breaks. 

Real estate agents are going to be trying to meet their end-of-year sales quotas, so they’ll be more motivated to help you sell. You can add a special holiday touch to your staging decorations


People aren’t going to want to buy a house if they can’t get a good view of the landscaping. The snow covering your entire yard is going to make buyers hesitant. 

People are focused on celebrating the holidays. The last thing on their mind is going to be house hunting. You won’t have as much daylight to schedule showings. 

The Best Time of Year to Sell a House Fast

Do you have a home that you’re trying to sell in a hurry? You’ll struggle with that if you don’t pick the best time of year to sell a house.  

It takes strategic planning on your part to put your place on the market, stage it, and bring in interested buyers. We hope that you’re able to use this guide to get through the home selling process smoothly. 

If you’re looking for more ways to get rid of your house, and get a good price for it, visit the Mortgage section of our blog.