The safe alternative to Bitcoin transactions

To manage the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions some people try using many operations to different IP addresses. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work as financial criminals use blockchains to track information and connect it with identities. Moreover, they usually put malware and spy on potential Bitcoin assets. Users can handle online shopping or manage texting and don’t expect that someone is looking for leakage of confidential information. Therefore, the right solution should be found with to provide high protective issues to Bitcoin asset owners. BitMix seems to be the innovative digital option for mixing services work.

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How to manage Bitcoin mixer

If you find the right cryptocurrency mixer you have to know how to deal with digital options correctly.

  • Search for the best Bitcoin mixer, such as BitMix
  • Run the registration procedure
  • Wait for the confirmation of personal details
  • Ask for the Letter of Guarantee signed at the main account
  • Send the number of coins to the crypto blender
  • The high-speed service will send you back your clean Bitcoins
  • Handle the specific code to avoid personal data leakage in the future
  • Now, you can do operations with your Bitcoin wallet.

The digital platform applies for mixing your coins with the cryptocurrencies from the service reserve. The clean Bitcoins are untraceable and come back immediately after the completion of the mixing procedure. The advantages of using a Bitcoin mixer are:

  • Simple digital mixing platform (run the registration form and you are ready to use the option)
  • Low commissions for the suggested process (the average fee matching up 4%)
  • Leading technology to instantly cleaning the cryptocurrency assets (the whole process is done in a short period)
  • Advanced anonymity and complete privacy of Bitcoin transactions (your personal information used for registration is automatically deleted in three days).