Things You Can Buy With Extra Income From a Side Hustle

It’s becoming more and more common to have a side hustle these days, especially for the younger generation. A side gig can give you the financial flexibility you need to achieve your financial goals, in addition to allowing you to spend a little more money on your own wants and needs. While it’s important to keep your eye on the metaphorical prize, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a little money on yourself every so often. Some investments in yourself can even pay dividends in the future if you spend your money the right away. If you’re working hard, keep reading for some suggestions on things you can buy with the extra income from your side hustle.

What are some common side hustles?

There are a variety of options available to you if you’re looking for a side hustle. Anyone with a creative skill, like drawing or writing, can find opportunities to monetize it online. Artists can work on commissions, for example, and writers can try to get freelance work. Etsy also offers anyone who can make things the ability to create their own online store to sell their wares, like a virtual open-air market. Rideshare services are also a popular side hustle option.

Grocery delivery has become even more in demand due to the ongoing global pandemic, so there are Instacart jobs available for anyone with the ability to handle deliveries. With so many more people staying home or not being able to purchase their own food, delivery services like Instacart have been able to ensure that millions of Americans have access to fresh groceries. The flexible hours are a huge perk for anyone with a day job or a busy schedule.

What should you buy with your extra income?

One of the best things you can do with your side income is to invest it back into yourself or your career. For some people, a side hustle might be a permanent part of their plan, but many people are trying to gain the experience and the skills to qualify for a higher level full-time job one day. One way to help yourself do that is to give yourself more skills. Learn a language, develop a new skill, anything you can to do make yourself more valuable and employable in your desired field.

While it’s important to use your income to achieve your larger goals, there’s nothing wrong with saving some money from your side hustle to treat yourself. The way you look plays a big part in how you feel, so try some self-care when you have extra money to spend. A new haircut is one way to refresh your look, and a trip to the spa can help your body recover if your job involves a lot of movement. If you like manicures, consider getting yourself some press on nails. Not only are they easy to apply, but you can also give yourself a high-quality gel manicure right from the comfort of your own home.

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to spend some of your paychecks on a trip to the nail salon or on some press ons or gel nails you can put on at home, or if you decide you want a new haircut instead of making a larger credit card payment. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while, so long as the majority of your income is being used to further your career goals. While some people prefer a lifestyle involving a side gig or two, anyone pursuing a salaried position should consider how they can use the money from their second job to get there faster. If you’re going to commit to a side hustle, take the time to make a plan for how you can best use the money you make to create a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself.