Three Things To Consider While Choosing A Logistic Service

Time is the most valuable asset for any business and consumer alike. With the rapid digitalization of different industries, it has become integral to meet the customer’s demands in the shortest time possible for any business with their product or service operating offline. Whether a small business of homemade confectionery or a mega-corporation that industrially produces electronic appliances or textiles, they can only thrive with a robust logistic solution assisting them in delivering the products to the customers timely.

Thankfully, the internet has made it easier than ever for businesses to choose the logistic service of their choice. A list of hundreds of local delivery services operational in India, like Porter and Dunzo, is just a google search away. However, finding the right service provider that meets all business needs is often a problem. 

But fret no more; this article will provide you with comprehensive instructions for choosing the best logistic service online.

  • Be sure about the shipment type: Is it fragile, or can’t it withstand extreme temperatures? That should be the first question you should ask yourself. You can choose a suitable delivery method through these online services depending on the product type. For example, Porter lets you select the delivery vehicle that suits your product. You can choose any vehicle, from a two-wheeler bike to a four-wheeler mini truck. They also provide packers and movers services, so even if you wish to move something in bulk, Porter has got you covered. Similar services are offered by Dunzo delivery services as well.
  • Distance from the warehouse to the customer’s address: Picture this- you’re a small grocery store owner who wants to deliver groceries to a nearby housing society. There are three ways you could approach this problem. You can close your shop and deliver groceries yourself on your bike. Or, you can bargain with local logistics providers to arrange a cheap shipment service. Or, you can hire online logistic services like Porter and Rapido auto. You are not alone if the first two options sound like a broken deal. You would be inviting losses by jeopardizing the time you could spend growing your business. So you can choose the third option. These logistics services provide economical fares to deliver products safely. All you need to do is provide them with the shipment and delivery address. Furthermore, a benefit of choosing an online logistic service, for instance, apps like Porter and Shadowfax, to deliver products is their live shipment tracking options. It improves consumer experience as customers and businesses can estimate how long it’ll take for their product to be delivered.
  • Your budget: It’s evident that no service comes for free, and as a business owner, price should be your priority. Minimizing expenses is the key to growing your business. Therefore, comparing prices and choosing the best possible option is essential. For example, WeFast and Porter offer economical courier prices and various payment collection options, like net banking, cash on delivery, etc.

To summarize, you should consider shipment type, vehicle, distance, and budget when choosing a suitable shipment service. The less you spend, the more you save, and the more your business will grow.