Top 3 Crypto Games For iPhone in 2019

Cryptocurrency games have emerged on several online platforms. While earlier they were more popular among Android users, these apps have now invaded the Apple market as well. Besides, what’s a better way to crypto-game than on a sleek, tech-loaded iPhone?

Just a brief search on the Apple App Store reveals all kinds of gaming apps, ranging from crypto quizzes to mining games.

To make things better, there are dozens of Apple apps out there that let you earn while you game! As of 2019, here are the Top 3 Cryptocurrency Games for iPhone:

  • Spell Of Genesis

Set in the Moonga Universe, the game is a classic example of a hero’s journey. You’re set to fight the evil Sayosian Empire – overlords who oppress the lower classes.

To defeat this empire, you have to construct mines, strategize them, and collect special cards. These cards can also be traded or exchanged with other players so that you can combine them to build a team. Once you’ve armed yourself, the team can charge at the battlefield!

As a reward, the app offers you BitCrystal (BCY) tokens, which are a secure, gamer-friendly cryptocurrency.

  • Augmentors

This is an augmented reality game that is comparable to Pokemon Go or Ingress. Augmentors became the first-ever blockchain game to be featured on the Apple Store.

The game endows you with creative powers, it lets you build your own creatures called augmentors. These virtual monsters can be competed in battle or traded with the ones owned by other players.

With over 50 different characters to choose from, you can select the monster that suits your design preference.

  • Sweatcoin

Not all coins are earned by sitting on your couch, some actually demand you to get moving! Sweatcoin is an innovative way to earn while you lose (we’re talking about those extra kilos!)

          The app pays you one Sweatcoin (SWC) for every 1000 steps. To ensure that you don’t lose track of any movement, keep the app active all the time.

        Although it’s not possible to exchange SWC for any other cryptos, you can buy a great range of digital and electronic products with it, including E-books, smartphones, and some online subscriptions.

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