Warren Bowie and Smith Opinions (Updated)

Online trading has always some risks associated with it whether you trade forex, crypto or any other asset. It is mainly because online world is brimming with hackers and scammers who pardon no one when they get a chance. They often target traders in disguise of brokers and promise to provide extra ordinary services and features to lure them. It means that we cannot trust any broker relying on its claims only and we apply this to Warren Bowie and Smith as well. We will not give it a green signal until we see what those people say who have already used the Warren Bowie and Smith platform.


  1. Warren Bowie and Smith: User Opinions
  2. Warren Bowie and Smith: Reliability
  3. Warren Bowie and Smith: Transparency
  4. Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading platform
  5. Warren Bowie and Smith: Customers’ Training
  6. Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Instruments
  7. Warren Bowie and Smith: Security Setup
  8. Final Remarks

We have collected these user opinions from different consumer review websites so that we reach a transparent conclusion and you can cross check these reviews from the respected websites as well. Take a look at these opinions and reviews and then I would give a short review about the points highlighted in these comments.

At this Dubai based website, someone with the name ‘Muhammad Umair’ has said,

“It is a really wonderful broker to work with. No worries and big profits. 100% recommended.”

At this platform, plenty have of people have shared their opinions.

‘Thiago Guino’ says,

“I took the risk of investing with Warren Bowie & Smith because I had seen very good reviews on the internet and the truth is that I am very satisfied, I have learned a lot and I am doing very well.”

‘Noelia reyes’ says,

“I took the risk of investing with Warren Bowie & Smith because a friend had recommended it. I started with cryptocurrencies and now I am with other options. Really good results.”

‘Laura Mendez’ says,

“I invested with them and the truth is that it has gone very well for me, in fact I continue to do so because I am very happy with the service provided by Warren Bowie & Smith.”

‘Nestor Villa’ says,

“Very happy with the results obtained, I recommend to anyone who wants to start investing. Greetings.”

All these opinions from existing users of Warren Bowie and Smith reflect that it is a trustworthy brokerage platform which keeps its clients at ease and supports them in enhancing their capabilities. Now I am going to shed light on some of the features pointed out by its users.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Reliability

The reliability is an attribute which should be given preference over the features of any broker. I say this because if the broker itself is not reliable and honest, it features are useless. If he scams you than your time, effort and money, everything gets wasted. Keeping this in mind, always prefer those brokers who are reliable and have a clean and verifiable track record. From the above given opinions by the users, all the doubts gets elevated as this broker has satisfied its every customer because our team didn’t find any single negative comment about it.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Transparency

Warren Bowie and Smith is a transparent broker as it has disclosed all its policies and fees to public. Unlike some other brokers, it never charges any hidden fee that is not mentioned in its trading conditions section. Transparency is one of its key characteristics for which it is renowned in the market. It is open for everyone, honest in replies and easily accessible through various communication channels.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Platform “PROfit”

A majority of Warren Bowie and Smith users praise that the platform is intuitive. Upon deep analysis and testing, our team found the claims to be true as it is a well sorted platform with guiding information along with every option. The platform makes us believe that the broker has put a great effort, time and money in developing this mesmerizing platform.

The PROfit platform is a custom designed web platform platform which doesn’t imitate any other ready-made platform such as MetaTrader 4. The company wanted to provide to raise the standard of services to an unparalleled level. It is replenished with plenty of useful trading tools which semi-automate the trading process. Some of its trading tools are as follows:

  1. Economic calendar
  2. Real-time updates
  3. Research tools
  4. Charts and graphs
  5. News alerts
  6. Price calculator
  7. Push notifications
  8. Insights
  9. Stop loss option
  10. Price movement alerts

Compatibility of the Platform: It is not feasible that every trader uses same kind of device to log in to the platform. Some traders use laptop and PCs while some prefer trading from their mobile phones. Keeping this in view, Warren Bowie and Smith has carved its platform in such a way that it is compatible with every type of device. It runs smoothly whether you open it on windows 7, 8, or 10.

In addition to this, it is equally supported with mobile devices as well. Out technical team tested its compatibility on various iOS and Android devices and noted that it executes traders in seconds if the internet connection is strong. So the gist is that the platform is perfectly optimized for all mobile devices.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Customers’ Training

At the Warren Bowie and Smith platform, almost 50 percent of the traders are those who are new in this field. The broker knows it as well hence it has taken some measures to train them so that they become competent enough to earn money through trading. First of all, the broker provides a free e-book to every new client. This e-book serves as a user manual of the platform. Secondly, the broker provides some essential training to the newbies which makes them vigilant. Lastly, the broker teaches them all the basic terminologies regarding online trading so that traders understand what is going on around them.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Instruments

When we are presented with multiple dishes at a time, we might skip some dishes and eat only our favorite dishes. Same is the case with trading, there are multiple trading instruments which can be profitable and it depends on the trader which assets he wants to start trading. The broker on the other hand has a duty to provide multiple options to its clients so that they choose according to their likes. Warren Bowie and Smith has done the same by providing all trading instruments to its clients. You can trade Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Fuel and Cryptocurrencies by using this platform. Collectively, these instruments provide traders a freedom to trade more than 250 trading assets.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Security Setup

Warren Bowie and Smith is providing a financial institutions level security to its clients. Security is of prime importance for traders since a lot of their money is on stake. Warren Bowie and Smith has applied four cores of security layers.

  1. Security Policies
  2. Firewall
  3. Encryption
  4. Segregated accounts

Warren Bowie and Smith has self-implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) security policies for the safety of its clients (money and information). These policies force the broker to investigate the personal information of the clients at the time of registration and then keep a check on the transactions.

The platform of warren Bowie and Smith has a firewall in place to stop forceful entries. The firewall protects the platform against hacking attempts and viruses. If a loophole appears, it immediately alerts the broker and the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

The platform uses the standard 256 bit SSL encryption to encrypt every bit of information related to its clients. Only a selected number of its employees have access to the information of the clients.

The funds of all traders are kept in segregated accounts to ensure that they don’t get mixed with brokers own funds. All these security steps make the platform more secure and likable for the traders.

Final Remarks

Warren Bowie and Smith is a broker which has covered every empty space which can go against a trader. From tools to features and services, everything is top-notch and its clients are more than happy with its services. The users of warren Bowie and Smith opine that they are completely satisfied with this broker hence I recommend you this broker. It is made of the right ingredients and suitable for every type of traders and you should visit the platform yourself to see if I have delivered the truth.