Ways to Grow Your Site Traffic with Instagram

Do you wish to acquire more traffic on Instagram? Are you using Instagram for a long while but you are still not sure how to get more leads on your profile? Well, here we are with a number of strategies using which you will be able to get more leads and traffic on your Instagram profile. You can also follow famoid on instagram to increase your Instagram followers. 

1 Post with a specific purpose: Everything that you post on Instagram must have a particular purpose. It should align with the brand message. You should also include relevant hashtags in your post. This will definitely increase user engagement. You may also try to use geotags to increase your engagement by over 79%.  Another great way to increase traffic is to use call to action buttons in your posts. You should also track the success of your Instagram profile every now and then. This will help you to understand what exactly your profile is lacking.

2 Maintain brand consistency across all social media profiles: Brand consistency is extremely important when it comes to building your brand image. Brand consistency will allow you to add more strength to your brand/ People will be able to recognize your brand easily. You should try to use the same photo as your profile picture on all your social media accounts. If you own a personal brand, try using an image which is of high quality. The image should also convey the message about your brand to your customers.

3 Your username should match with your business name: It is always creative to pick a username that completely matches with your business name. You can try to use your company name for your nickname. You must also make it a point to include the URL of your website to your Instagram bio. Only then will you be able to spread the message about your brand to a larger audience. You can also try using hashtags in your bio. You can click here for more information regarding how to increase traffic on your Instagram profile.

4 Add creative captions: The caption that you upload for your content should be interesting and catchy. It should compare your users to visit your website regularly. Your content helps to give the users some insight into your brand image. That is why you should always include relevant captions for your content. Your caption should have the ability to make your followers smile. It should also help to generate leads. So, the best way to tie your users to your website is to use interactive and interesting captions.

5 Connect with your users: If you really want to get a lot of popularity, then you must focus on customer-brand relationships. You need to connect with your users individually. This will help you to acquire their trust and they will also become more interested in your brand. There are various ways by which you can connect with your users on Instagram. One way is to tag your users before sharing your content. Using this feature, you will be able to tag your top followers on your post. You can also send private messages to your potential customers. Liking other’s content is another very good way of creating connections with your customers.

6 Use hashtags: Another easy way to generate more leads is to use relevant hashtags on your Instagram profile. Hashtags actually originated on Twitter. However, with time, it has spread on other social media channels as well. These hashtags are widely responsible for creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy. You will be able to generate a lot of traffic and leads using proper hashtags. Creating your Instagram profile bio effectively using hashtags allows you to catalogue and organize the content which you share with your viewers. This makes it easier for your viewers to find your profile on Instagram, thus increasing your traffic.

So, these were some of the most popular Instagram strategies using which you can create your brand image. Apart from that, these are various other digital marketing strategies as well include social media marketing and email marketing. If you want to know how exactly you can build your email list, you can visit