What Are the Best Investment Apps for Kids?

Are you teaching kids about investing? It has been found that many money habits can be set by the age of 7. So, if you haven’t started exposing your children to saving and investing, now could be the time.

Once you have decided when to start teaching children about stocks, it is time to come with a plan. You want to engage them and help them understand investing tips so they are ready once they are wage earners. You do not want to put them off for life!

A good place to begin is the best investment apps for kids. One of the great advantages of the rise of technology is the availability of investment applications specifically designed with children in mind. Read on to learn some of the best apps on the market right now.


BusyKid offers many financial functions, including investing opportunities. The platform offers opportunities to set investing goals, involve real funds, link to cards, and other features such as saving features. It can be a great place for children to learn investing tips, and the platform is free with costs for prepaid visa cards.


Greenlight still gives parents control over accounts, but it is a fantastic way to start introducing your children to stocks and index funds. It is a learning tool and source of funds that provides valuable financial learning opportunities for young adults.

Acorns Early

Acorns is an investing application for all ages, but the Acorns Early is designed with children and young adults in mind. It is simple to set up, with everything from checking, retirement, and savings accounts available. There are real investment account for kids and investment portfolios for your child to start, which can be continued as they grow.


A more advanced application may be appropriate if your child is ready to learn more in-depth about stocks, such as stock market sentiment analysis. You can read more about sentiment analysis to decide. An example is the application StockGeist, which is low-cost, informative, and easy to use.


Stash allows for banking and investing to be in one place. Users also get the motivation of stock-back rewards at shops such as Amazon and Walmart. There are also educational resources and no hidden fees to help children easily use the app.


EarlyBird helps you create a UGMA account to gift investments to your children. There are various portfolio options, including conservative and aggressive stock EFTs. You can also record videos and create memories on the site when gifting investments.

Best Investment Apps for Kids

These are some of the best investment apps for kids. They offer educational opportunities, parent controls, and easy platforms to navigate. Investing applications offer the opportunity to set your child up with a secure financial foundation from a young age. They will feel confident navigating investments by adulthood and will already have a base to build up.

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