What Are the Common Types of Accountants?

Although most people do not find it very interesting, our society runs on complicated laws and tax systems. In just the United States, there are almost 1.5 million accountants. The important work that they do helps keep society running.

Of course, not every accountant does the same thing. Financial laws are extremely varied, and so is the work that different accountants do.

So what exactly are the different types of accountants out there? Read on to learn all about a few of the most common categories of accountants! 


Some people asked, “What does an accountant do?” Of course, the answer is that it depends on what kind of accountant. Bookkeepers are one of the staple kinds of accountants that manage basic business finances.

Bookkeepers take all of the raw data of transactions in a business and turn them into comprehensible financial statements. They also check all of the transactions to ensure that all of the numbers add up correctly.

In some cases, bookkeepers can perform more than one function. Larger businesses will employ many accountants, each with their own specialty. But at smaller businesses, the bookkeeper might take responsibility for managing taxes as well as bookkeeping itself. 


The Chief Financial Officer is one of the most powerful kinds of accountants. At businesses large and small, the CFO is in charge of the accounting system, whether that means doing it themselves, or managing a huge team of specialized accountants.

The Chief Financial Officer also makes influential decisions. They decide how much risk the business is willing to take with its money. In many cases, they also perform tasks like fundraising.

Chief Financial officers can manage both the personal relationships that a business has with investors, as well as the investments themselves.

Forensic Accountant 

When some people think of becoming an accountant, they don’t realize how much it can be like being a detective. Forensic accountants are on the job when some suspicion of fraud exists. It is their job to hunt through incredible quantities of financial data and resolve that chaos into comprehensible order.

Of course, this leads to a somewhat more independent, and even potentially nomadic lifestyle. A single business does not always need the services of a forensic accountant. They’re more likely to hire a forensic accountant for a specific job, pay them, and then no longer need their services. 

Forensic accountants tend to work as consultants. As a result, they move from job to job, fulfilling the needs of businesses that search for “forensic accountant near me.”

When dealing with complicated taxes, sometimes hiring an accountant is the best way to save yourself a lot of time and a lot of stress. The best accountants can tell you everything you need to know about how to get the rest of your tax work off of your plate and into their capable hands.

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Be Familiar With Different Types of Accountants

We hope that this brief examination of different types of accountants has been helpful for you. Finding the right accountant for your needs starts with knowing what kinds of accountants are out there.

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