What Are the Different Types of Laptops That Exist Today?

Did you know that in 2021, global computer shipments totaled a whopping 341 million units? Of that number, 275 million, or a staggering 80.64%, was for notebooks and mobile workstations.

Those figures highlight how important portability is to modern computer users.

So, if you’re in the market for a new computer yourself, it might be best to go with a laptop if you need something portable.

However, just as important is to learn about the various types of laptops you can choose from today. Each comes with pros and cons, and knowing these can help you buy the most suitable model for your needs.

This guide covers some of the most common and best laptop types you can buy, so be sure to keep reading.


According to experts, you shouldn’t carry a backpack that’s more than 10% of your weight. So, if you weigh 130 pounds, it’s best that your bag only weighs 13 pounds or less. Otherwise, you may end up burdening your back and experiencing discomfort or pain.

The thing is, some laptops, especially those with giant screens and batteries, weigh a lot. There’s even one that weighs more than a staggering 22 pounds!

The good news is that not all laptops are that heavy; for instance, subnotebooks weigh less than 4 lbs. That’s also why the computer and IT industry call them ultraportable laptops. With their super-slim profile, they can be ideal for folks who need to bring their devices with them at all times.

However, the sleekness of ultraportable comes at the price of reduced features. For instance, the average subnotebooks have fewer connection ports and smaller batteries. Most also have compact screen sizes of 13 inches or less.


Ultrabook is a phrase coined by the American computer chip manufacturer Intel. It came up with the term to distinguish such laptops from the typical ultraportables.

For instance, a laptop can only be an Ultrabook if it’s less than 1-inch thick. It must also have a battery capable of running for at least five hours on a single charge. Most importantly, it must come equipped with the latest Intel core processors.

With that said, an Ultrabook can be more powerful than a typical subnotebook. However, you can also expect it to cost more than an ultraportable laptop.


Chromebooks, which Google first launched on May 11, 2011, are some of the newest types of laptops. They run the Chrome operating system, a Linux-based OS. Moreover, they work primarily with cloud-based technology, including web apps and cloud storage.

One of the primary attractions to Chromebooks is their affordability. According to Google itself, its laptops are cheaper upfront than traditional computers. Moreover, the tech giant says that you can download thousands of free apps from the Chrome Web Store.


The MacBook is a line of laptops designed by Cupertino-based company Apple. There are two product families to choose from: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The former is best for average users, while the latter is better for speed and power users.

Either way, all MacBook laptops run Apple’s proprietary operating system, macOS. However, you can also run Windows 10 on these computers.

One of the best things about Apple laptops is their customizability. For example, you can rename MacBook computers and sync them with iOS devices (such as iPhones or iPads). You can even set a screen lock message, get Siri to perform commands, or even have your Mac announce the time aloud.

What’s more, MacBook units can offer a safer, more secure laptop experience. While that doesn’t mean malware won’t infect them, fewer infestations occur in Macs.

For example, there were 674,273 new macOS malware samples discovered in 2020. By contrast, Windows had over 91 million malware detections in the same year.

One of the primary cons of going with a MacBook is its price, though. The cheapest option, the MacBook Air, starts at $999. Discounts are available, but only for specific buyers, such as teachers and students.

2-in-1 Laptops

Also called a convertible laptop, a 2-in-1 laptop has laptop and tablet features. It provides the same functions as a traditional laptop, but you can also switch it to tablet mode. Some models still come with detachable screens, but most now have the fold-back method.

Either way, all convertible laptops come with a touch-screen display. However, you can always choose to disable this feature whenever you don’t need it.

As 2-in-laptops have added versatility, though, they’re more expensive than traditional models.

Gaming Laptops

Did you know that many modern video games now require at least 8 GB of RAM, and some even recommend 16 GB? On top of those are their massive graphics card and storage requirements.

Failing to meet those must-have specs, in turn, can lead to poor gaming and laptop performance. For example, you may notice that your entire game behaves slowly and much like a slideshow. The software may also lag or freeze, and your device itself may overheat.

Those are problems that gaming laptops aim to resolve with their high-powered builds. For instance, they boast more RAM, dedicated graphics cards, and high-speed processors. They also come equipped with advanced cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating.

Mobile Workstations

Mobile workstations, like gaming laptops, also have advanced CPUs and faster graphics processors. However, they usually have more memory and storage capacities. That’s because most of them are for professionals who perform intensive computing tasks.

Mobile workstations are also customizable for specific enterprise software. Some examples are programs used for 3D rendering and computer-aided design (CAD). These graphic-intense apps, in turn, require much more resources than AAA games.

Because of all those high-end specs, mobile workstations are among the priciest laptops.

Invest in the Best Types of Laptops

As you can see, there are many types of laptops that you can now find in the market. From Ultrabooks to 2-in-1s, there’s a model that can surely fit the needs of various users. Just keep in mind that they have varying performance and costs, so it’s best to compare all your options.

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