What to Lookout for When Choosing a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

crypto portfolio tracker is simply a website, mobile app, or platform that lets a user manage their digital currency investments. A crypto portfolio tracker will help users track how their coins will move. They’ll know the value of their coins according to the market action. It typically links to your digital currency wallet and the digital currency investment exchange you are using.

This tracker can come in handy for whales, people who trade or hold cryptocurrencies in incredibly large volumes. Some trackers can act as trading forums for digital assets. They can be used to either import or hold cryptocurrencies. This piece addresses what you should look out for when choosing a crypto portfolio tracker.

An Important Notice

Note that different crypto portfolio trackers come with different sets of unique features. Some trackers will let you trade coins (although they may not feature every token you need). Some trackers will allow you to buy and catalog multiple options without an ideal tracking feature. Before deciding which crypto portfolio tracker to use, you are encouraged to check each feature and see if they meet your needs.

So, What Features Are a Must for Tracker

  • Safety and Security

The public blockchain network is a decentralized solution making digital currencies a lot difficult to track. This always makes it hard to know the owner of a crypto wallet. Additionally, once a transaction has been completed no one can reverse it. The above drawbacks have made it more important than ever to choose a crypto portfolio tracker that is safe and secure to use with all your coins 24/7.

Since your tokens are linked to your bank account, cryptocurrency wallet, or exchange when you are using a tracker, it is paramount to make sure your tracker is safe. Your crypto wallet can be vulnerable and prone to hacks. Hence, you must make sure the tracker you choose comes with efficient security features like multi-layer encryption.

  • Clean and Straightforward Layout

The point of using a crypto portfolio tracker is to have the ability to see your digital assets quickly and know their value when there are changes in the market. An effective tracker will display your portfolio’s total value after a single click or on its main page. A good tracker must be easy to navigate and straightforward. It shouldn’t be complex or contain unnecessary lag. The tracker must have a clean layout. This way you can save time, money, and stress. It should also be fast, not taking minutes to load.

  • Multiple Coin Options

A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is likened to a one-stop-shop for your tokens. Choose a crypto portfolio tracker that can offer you connectivity with every coin you trade and the exchanges you use. This way, you don’t need to use multiple trackers for different assets. Just one would do the trick.

Final Words

As you search for a good tracker, check out the coin offerings on the platform before making a decision. Security and easy navigation should also be at the top of your priority list.