What You Need to Know About Insurance in Saskatchewan

Insurance with businessman holding a tablet computer on a dark vintage background

The government of Saskatchewan owns a crown corporation, Saskatchewan government insurance. This company offers insurance for businesses and individuals in Saskatchewan. Its goal is to provide the best customer service and value to its customers. The company is one of the largest in Canada, and serves many people in the province. Its employees are committed to customer service and have a friendly attitude.

In the 1950s, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation government recognized that insurance was a problem in Saskatchewan. It found that there were many inefficiencies in the industry, including high costs and a heavy reliance on out-of-province companies. This government also recognized the need for a compensation plan for auto accident victims. This led to the formation of the publically owned insurance company.

Finding the right plan for your needs can be a challenging process, but SBIS is here to help. It has been helping Saskatchewan residents find health insurance plans for 25 years. Its representatives are available seven days a week to answer questions, and they can also help you through the application process. With the help of SBIS, you can reduce the stress and worry that you may feel during the insurance application process.

Saskatchewan General Insurance celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2005 as part of the province’s centennial celebrations. SGI continues to fulfill the goals the government set forth in 1945, and has expanded outside of the province to create new branches. Today, SGI provides affordable auto insurance and quality property insurance for people in Saskatchewan. The company also promotes traffic safety initiatives. All of this helps to diversify the economy of the province.

New legislation was introduced in May 2015 to reform insurance regulations in Saskatchewan. This Act aims to simplify the insurance industry and provide greater consumer protection. This Act replaces the Saskatchewan Insurance Act, which was passed in 1913. The new legislation includes regulations for insurers, managing general agents, and representatives. It also includes enforcement provisions and grants the superintendent of insurance with additional powers.

Small businesses in Saskatchewan face a number of challenges. With so many options available, finding the right insurance can be confusing. The APOLLO insurance website helps customers find the best policy for their needs. APOLLO is one of the most popular digital insurance providers in Saskatchewan and can help you find the right policy online.