Work from Home in Financial Sector – Steps for Compliant and Effective Customer Communications During COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of cases involving the COVID-19 virus has led to significant changes in human lifestyles around the world. With many governments implementing their own quarantine guidelines in order to stop the rising number of the infected, many businesses were forced to shut down their services until further notice. The rest of the enterprises who managed to keep their services operational were having some difficulties when reaching out to their clients. Since physical interaction is highly discouraged nowadays, it can be a challenge for companies to maintain a solid line of communication within their organization, so how come would they accomplish such a task?

Maintaining a connection to customers amidst the pandemic can be achieved by implementing psychology-based strategies, especially for those who work in the financial sectors. Since money is a particular resource that is highly at-risk, some people, particularly investors, are expected to be under constant anxiety and stress.

Fortunately, financial regulators have issued contemporary conditional relief to help financial companies by allowing them to implement work-from-home-policies. This relief must be under the regulators’ supervision monitoring rule. And when it comes to letting workers work from home, proper documentation must take in place, and this is where monitoring text messages and recording voice calls come in.

Below is an infographic by Telemessage sharing the most effective step-by-step process as to how companies can make themselves compliant with the rules as they operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.