5 Reasons to Conduct Business in Cameroun

Cameroun is a unitary decentralized state located in Africa. It is famous due to its economic, Human, and cultural diversity. Africa is also a country that has a lot of potential with great financial stability. Mining, Agro industries, Oil and gas, and vocational training are the sectors that pull the foreigners to invest. There are some factors which indeed to discourage investors to use MTN Cameroun.

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Top 5 Reasons To Grow Your Business Faster In Cameroun

  • Quick Shift In The Tax Policy:

Cameroon has annual tax laws which tend to create a bit of uncertainty for the investors. But there are some changes by the tax administration to increase investor certainty by introducing an investment law. This law gives some legal financial incentives to investors.

  • Physical Infrastructure: 

Cameroun is a growing economy, in digital as well as a physical infrastructure perspective. So growing problems by the usage of state infrastructure affects the economy. Their government introduced some changes such as opening a second port to maintain the infrastructure to avoid problems.

  • Cost Of Living: 

Here the cost of living continuously rises. Consequently, the informal sector dominates the economy by 90%. Cameroun has undertaken several reform activities to enhance its business environment.

  • Population:

Douala is the largest city in Cameroun having 4.5 million people. Population density is the key factor for any business.

Some cooperative bodies always guide investors while trading. Among them, MTN Cameroun is a significant one. Having a business guide is luck, but proper maintenance of those resources is also a great move.

  • Skilled Labor:

The government is emphasizing foreign investors who would like to open vocational training institutes. Foreign investors still have qualified skilled labor comparatively.

Despite the challenges, there are more boons to conduct business in Cameroun. To develop business anywhere Population, GDP, Stock exchange, Business environment are the key features that should be considered. These are the 5 major points which made Cameroun a business place.


Cameroun is an important member of the organization’s working towards business law in Africa. The main reason to conduct business in Cameroun is it helps in local trading where the public is the final decision-maker. Cameroun possesses various digital platforms for trading as well as institutions for business development. Such as actives spaces, MTN Cameroun which works on a network basis and provides all the required data by their mobile application with affordable tariff charges.