Assurity Solutions Financial Rehabilitation To Keep You In A Good Standing During The Pandemic

Research data reveals that over 4 million Americans have defaulted at one point on their student loans. With the problem of the coronavirus biting, the situation is likely to worsen. Millions of people end up in default after years of struggling with late payments. While you could be in a situation that reflects the situation many people are currently going through, stopping to make payments will only make the matters get out of hand. This is because this will undermine and damage your creditworthiness and puts you in a worse off situation. Fortunately, Assurity Solutions is promising to walk with you every step of the way. With its financial rehabilitation plan, Assurity Solutions is capable of helping you remain eligible for a loan modification, forbearance, deferment, and even forgiveness. Rehabilitation gives you an opportunity to explore some of these avenues as you try to get back after serious financial stress. 

In 2017, approximately 44 million Americans had $1.4 trillion in federal student loan debt while about 4.2 million of them went into default, a Consumer Federation of America reported. With the sweltering heat of the pandemic, the Trump Administration announced a deferral of student loan payments, but this isn’t enough to address future debt challenges. Individuals experiencing hard financial challenges must be prepared to approach financial rehab organizations such as Assurity Solutions to restore their financial integrity. 

With Assurity Solutions, debtors have an array of options, including deferment and forbearance, all of which allow borrowers to lower their monthly payments or temporarily suspend the payments altogether. If you are bearing the brunt of the financial hardships after taking a federal student loan, financial advisors and counselors at Assurity Solutions will help you defer payments for as long as three years. This will give you ample time to plan your finances and regain your ability to service the loan with lots of ease.

What is a student loan rehabilitation program? 

It refers to a formal agreement between a lender and a borrower to clear borrower’s default records provided that they agree to remain ahead of their repayment plan at least for one year. By working with a reputable financial rehab firm, you will clear the blemish on your credit history and repair your damaged credit scores. This will mean a restoration of your borrowing ability in the future. Did you that failing to enroll in a loan default rehabilitation can adversely damage your creditworthiness and occasion court-sanctioned wage garnishments? For borrowers whose wage garnishments are already underway, enrolling in a student loan rehabilitation can go a long way in stopping seizures and get back the control to you. However, you need to act fast and contact Assurity Solutions for rehabilitation. 

A rehabilitation process is designed to last about 10 months, but this can vary depending on the lender. 

Benefits of applying for loan rehabilitation

  • It helps to put you back in a sound financial standing
  • It restores your eligibility for loan consolidation, forgiveness, deferment, and other alternative repayment plans. 
  • Increases your eligibility for financial help
  • It can stop wage garnishment actions
  • Stoppage of collection actions and foreclosure

How Assurity Solutions Can Help You Get Back On Your Feet Financially During this Pandemic

At Assurity Solutions, we understand that the coronavirus pandemic has rendered so many people financially unstable not knowing how to go about meeting their contractual obligations. Luckily, we have customized ways of helping every one of our customers manage this situation. Here are some of the ways our dedicated team of financial experts is prepared to work with you personally and deliver a solution:

  • Training you on different financial management concepts so as to help you improve your financial management behavior
  • Teaching on management and tracking of credit standing so that you can forge a new and impressive credit score.
  • Working with a variety of financial lending organizations to negotiate both long-term and short-term financial assistance to help you get back to a route financial success. 
  • We know that people with poor credit scores face great challenges accessing credit hence not able to boost their financial standing, making it even harder to pay their current debt. We help repair such damaged credit scores regardless of the severity of the damage. 

No matter if you need a personal loan, business loan, or mortgage, our committed team of financial experts is at your service to help you take control of your finances once again and get back business as usual.