Everything You Need to Know About Sadanand Bhalchandra Sule

Indian politics and businesses always go hand in hand. Whether it is about partnerships or relationships, you can easily spot business people associated with politicians. One such story is related to the Sule family. The name Sadanand Bhalchandra Sule has been in the news several times now. Do not worry if you have heard the name for the very first time. We have collected all the details about Sadanand, which will help you learn more about him.


Sadanand Bhalchandra Sule was born in the house of Bhalchandra R. Sule and Shashi Bhatt. While his father was a businessman, his mother was a badminton champion of her time. Sadanand’s father served over forty years of his life with the Mahindra group and was an alumnus of Purdue and MIT. Bhalchandra R. Sule died in the year 2017.

Talking about Sadanand, he saw a significant loss at the age of two when his mother, Shashi Bhatt, died of cancer. It was in the year 1964. After losing his wife, his father remarried a bit later to Anne Sule. Sadanand grew under her guidance.

Further Life

Sadanand completed his graduation in B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) from a university in the US. He then set his foot into the business world by connecting himself with several companies. Following this, he married Sharad Panwar’s daughter, Supriya Sule, on 4th March 1991. They have a son (Vijay) and a daughter (Revati) together. Supriya, just like her father, has been into politics ever since she returned to India. In the year 2006, she was elected to the Rajya Sabha. Since then, she has been serving in Indian politics in some way or the other.

Sadanand Bhalchandra Sule Profession

As mentioned above, Sadanand is working for several companies. Here are some of them:

  • Aarvee Realtors Private Limited: Sadanand serves as the director of this company that works in the domain of real estate. It was established in the year 2007, and is based in Mumbai.
  • Radiant Tradevest Private Limited: Both Sadanand and his wife, Supriya, are the directors of this IT infrastructure services company. It is working successfully from the year 1994 in Mumbai.
  • Miracle Agro Products Private Limited: This is a wholesale company with Sadanand Bhalchandra Sule and Dev Anand Veerabhadra as its directors. It was established in the year 1997 in Mumbai.
  • Vicino International Technologies Private Limited: This one works in the consultancy domain, and again, Sadanand Bhalchandra Sule is one of its three directors.
  • RVS Hospitality & Development Private Limited: Sadanand serves as the director of this Pune based company. It was established in 2000, and it works in the real estate domain.

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