Security in Tally Applications

Security has been one of the major concerns for any individual and working organizations. It’s one of the most important aspects, even when considering an app before even choosing it. A lot of money is spent on increasing the security of the products and therefore employees are usually trained from time to time to prevent any kind of social engineering attack. There are a lot of ways in which data can be prevented from going into the wrong hands, which requires smart production that includes the usage of encryption of data and password files.

TallyDekho is an app that brings all Tally ERP9 data on mobile, designed for both Android and iOS platforms. TallyDekho encourages you to grow your business when you have all accounting data on mobile even outside the office. Nowadays, GST invoices can be shared from mobile. Therefore, accounting data must be safe and secure, that is why TallyDekho uses Google Drive for storage and hence the data is secured by not just encryption but by Google recommended protocols and protection systems. TallyDekho promotes the global security of internet users on the online platform, which makes one of the best choices for tally on mobile, in this way different accountants and individuals can manage their finances and taxes using the closest proximity device like mobile from anywhere and anytime.

Google Drive Security

Google provides one of the best security in the whole IT industry. It makes sure that the people are able to manage and save their transactions on-time, and it has a good history for it as well. Now with the help of Google Drive, TallyDekho brings us the power and security of Google to protect our data. This is one of the newest things tally on mobile has ever seen, it helps secure the data at the right place without using a third-party app or server that can later result in data theft or any other kind of mishaps. This also makes sure that the ownership of the data lies to the user only, Nobody else is allowed to access this data other than the user itself.


This is one of the techniques where the data is converted into a non-readable form. This is done by Facebook and other big IT industries that deal with huge and sensitive data. This makes sure no one even in the server, or any employee of the company is able to read the data as well. It is ensured that it cannot be used, even if somehow it lands in the wrongs hands, they will not be able to access it. TallyDekho uses this technique to make sure that the data is always protected, and it can give the accountants the peace of mind to make sure that the data cannot be read by anyone other than them.

Synced Devices

TallyDekho uses a centralized system for working, which makes sure that all the devices are in sync with each other. Hence, whilst there are any changes made from one device, it should affect the data as a whole rather at that very moment. This makes sure that the data stays redundant throughout the system. There is consistency in the data and users face no hassle when using the same data from mobile. This makes sure that the work remains easier for the user when they have to step out of the office or do some monotonous work from the office. It is also important as it makes sure that the security of the data is not compromised and only the right person with the authorized device is able to access the information.

Permission-Based Access

A lot of times it is important to share the data with others and make sure that the data can only be accessed by that other individual only, as per the requirement of a project or need. The permissions can be controlled and hence it makes a tally on mobile easier. This makes the sharing of sensitive data even more secure and stable. Tally promotes directing users to specific important data efficiently.

Faster User Experience

TallyDekho offers more than just security, tally on mobile offers a very nice interface as well. This makes sure that the data processing speed and the efficiency of handling the requests remain the same. It is important that the user always uses a fast and easy to use environment, considering the fact that the security and data of the user are not being compromised.

If people wish to achieve supremacy in handling their accounts, TallyDekho is the app for them. They will be able to manage the books no matter wherever they are and with the best security available in the market.