Top 5 Tech Books for Financial Investors

The dark web has a lot of interesting things going on beneath its cloak. Particularly, if you look at dark web or darknet books, you will find many of them that can guide you. You will get all the information that you would like to know. So, what are you waiting for; hop on to the post below now to get the names.

Here are the top five darknet books, which will be good for buying if you are looking for such books:

  • Get To Know About Cybercrimes From ‘DarkMarket’

The writer of this book – Misha Glenny believes that investors of the 21st century need to be aware of this cyber world. She believes that cybercrime, cyber warfare, and cyber industrial espionage are the three things ruining the cyber world. The book tells you about the criminal activities on the dark web also.

  • ‘The Deep Dark Web’ Provides Valuable Idea On The Cyber World

Richard Gatomolo Amores and Peirluigi Paganini authored this book, where they described how the dark web works from the inside. Reading the book, you will find out more about cyber warfare, hacktivism, cybercrime, and other such subcultures. 

  • Know About The Silk Road Of The Dark Web

Investigative journalist Eileen Ormsby provided detailed insights in the book ‘Silk Road’ about the Silk Road itself. Well, this Silk Road is one of the pioneering marketplaces of the dark web. The book tells about the rise and downfall of the Silk Road, founded once by Ross Ulbricht. People interested to learn more about the dark web should buy this. 

  • Try Jamie Bartlett’s ‘The Dark Net’

This book by Jamie Bartlett takes you to every single detail of the dark web. You can get a variety of different things to know of the different communities of the dark web. Particularly, if you are eager to know a bit much of the history of the darknet, then this book is for you. 

  • Jack Jones’ ‘Hacking & Tor’ Is The Best Book For Beginners

Getting your hands on the Tor network and knowing the basics of hacking will be easier if you buy this book. This book focuses to teach readers how hacking works and promises to make the readers pro hackers from novice beginners. So, wait no more and get this book for yourself too. 

So, there you have the best five darknet books, which can give you an idea of financial investments.